1LP Before The Baloon Went Up Cork, 10.05.79
1LP Before The Storm Demos
1LP Disposable Heroes Dublin, 06.27.87
2LP Golden Years Hampton, 12.12.87
1LP Growin' Up Demos
2LP I've Got A Feeling Rotterdam, 07.11.87
2LP Let There Be Rock Birmingham, 08.04.87
1LP Live In Athens 09-03-2010 Athens, 09.03.10
1LP Modern Times Dublin, 06.27.87
1LP New Hope On The Horizon Compilation
1LP Out Of Control New Haven, 05.27.81
2LP Pistol Slapper Los Angeles, 06.17.83
2LP Rebel Birmingham, 08.04.87
2LP Running For Home Los Angeles, 06.17.83
1LP Sheffield 2009 Vol. 1 Sheffield, 08.20.09 (Pt.1)
1LP Sheffield 2009 Vol. 2 Sheffield, 08.20.09 (Pt.2)
1LP Shout It Out Loud Dublin, 06.27.87
2LP Sonic Overdose M√ľnchen, 09.15.10
1LP Take Me To The Top Of The City Dublin, 06.27.87
1LP The Big Red Book Demos
2LP The Candle Rotterdam, 01.06.90
1LP The Party Is Over Cork, 10.05.79
1LP The Roots Of U2 Cork, 10.05.79
1LP The Stars Are Alive On Nights Like These Dublin, 06.27.87
1LP The Underworld Dublin, 08.28.93
1LP This Is Your Life Demos
1LP Unhappy Talk Compilation
1LP Wasting Light Amsterdam, 10.15.80
2LP What A Nice Way To Turn 17... Compilation