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Title: Let There Be Rock
Release Date: 2020
Label: Trade Mark Of Quality
Catalog #: -
Matrix # - Side A: BIRMINGHAM A
Matrix # - Side B: BIRMINGHAM B
Matrix # - Side C: BIRMINGHAM C
Matrix # - Side D: BIRMINGHAM D
Moulded matrix on vinyl: By hand
Disc 1 weight: - gr.
Disc 2 weight: - gr.
Vinyl compound: Gold marbled translucent
Content: Complete concert
Tournèe: The Joshua Tree
Location: Birmingham, Naationale Exhibition Centre (N.E.C.)
Date: August 04, 1987
Audio source: Audience
Turntable speed: 33 r.p.m.
Packaging: Plain sleeve with numbered wrap cover
Limited edition 100 copies, numbered by sticker.
Same vinyls of the original release 2LP 'Joshua Tree In Birmingham' (picture labels) & 2LP (white label) 'Rebel'.