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Since 2014 the most complete graphic and informative archive about the infinite U2 bootleg's world.
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Site under construction, you are visiting the updated version until August 2023, you can still send your updates that will published in autumn 2024.


Since 1984, when I started collecting official and unofficial U2 releases, I cataloged first in 'Lotus 1,2,3' and then in Excel what I knew about the discography to keep track of the missing material. In 2003 I thought that a system that linked covers, colors, editions, labels, etc. could be much more useful; so I created with the software of the time (eg MS FrontPage) an HTML file for my personal use. In 2014 I realize the lack of information on the U2 bootleg on the net, so over time I have created and implemented the site you are browsing. Implemented thanks to some very active collectors and therefore present on the 'Update' page who have followed me constantly by sending me valuable updates. In 2019 I believed that making the bootlegs engraving quality available could further complete the work. In 2023, counting the over 2000 pages included here, I can no longer transform the site from static to dynamic, so I have only improved the navigation of all the lists by also adding a 'Cloud' section for multiple uses (share material, upload sale-list , guide etc...). I hope this work will still be appreciated in the years to come.


Every audio track present in this site has been converted from the media (CD/Vinyl) in MP3 (192Kbs), all the graphic spectrum has been created from .WAV file from CD source only. To check the CD source quality download (or just read) the PDF guide. Every track recorded from the vinyl has not been edited except for 'de-clicker' to preserve the original audio quality.


CD • (Pioneer) reader-burner device / MediaMonkey Audio / .wav / Biga Soft Audio Converter / 1 min. MP3 file (192Kbs)
VINYL • Technics SL1210 MK2 / Stanton 680HP / iZotope RX (recording and declicker) / .WAV / B.S.A.C. / 1min. MP3 file (192Kbs) 
SPECTRUM ANALYSIS IMAGES • .WAV (from CD only) / Spek / Adobe Photoshop

♦ Why? Just for passion... what else?